"This Workshop is definitively a “must do”. The rhythm is high but alternation between plenary, group work and round tables is very accurate. I found everything I was looking for and even more, and my expectations were very high. Thank you." Stephane/ producer (France)

"This workshop demystified many of the issues that I had with the post process.  I don’t pretend to understand everything but this course did allow me to access certain concepts that I had not previously." Samm/ producer (UK)

"Post-production was like the Twilight Zone and now I feel confident about the whole process and can talk properly about it when negotiating with co-producers and when I'm talking to members of the crew." Aldrina/ producer (Venezuela)

"Great workshop, I would advise to participate." Meike/ post-production supervisor (Germany)

"The workshop exceeded my expectations first and foremost in the quantity of content it covered. Furthermore, all the trainers were key experts in their field and very open to sharing their know-how. And last but not least, it was intensive but fun." Maja/ post-production supervisor (Croatia)

"It was a very interesting experience for me. Not only because you learn a lot from the experts but also because you share experiences through almost a week with people from a lot of countries." Marta/ post-production supervisor (Spain)