Workshop in AUSTRIA - 2014

"EP2C brought back my love for film and postproduction and this is the single most important thing that has happened in my work-life for the last 5 years.”
Henning Lind Eriksen, Denmark, post production supervisor, participant 2014.

"I was extremely grateful to get a sort of all-inclusive package where not only  all  the  questions  for  our  coming  project  were  tackled,  but where  I  could  as  well  take  with  me new  competences  for  the  future.  Also  EP2C  was  extremely  good  organized  with  highly  specialized experts always at hand. It was great being in Vienna and having this opportunity! Thank you all!“
Corrina Dastner, Netherlands, producer, participant 2014.

"The workshop absolutely met my expectations, and even exceeded them: By discussing topics I work with every day on a more elaborate level, having always the opportunity to ask questions, and meeting colleagues working in the same or similar field and having maybe even similar problems or worries like me, gave me more confidence in my daily work and my professional development.“
Sabine Glaessner, Germany, producer,  participant 2014.

"As a producer of documentaries making a transition into fiction filmmaking, EP2C provided me a broad understanding of the differing needs and requirements of fiction producing and helped me realize how to better set-up and execute my first fiction feature.“
Talal Al Muhana, Kuwait, producer,  participant 2014.

„This  workshop is  a  must  for  everybody  who  needs  (and  likes) to  work on  international  film & tv projects.“
Christof Halasz, Austria, post production supervisor,  participant 2014.

"Great team of experts, great generosity. Wide  range  of  learning:  from  very  concrete  information  and  tools,  to  a  general  awareness  and understanding of the topic.  Very galvanic workshop! Thank you!“
Héléne Colombiér, France, post production supervisor,  participant 2014.

"The  organization  was  outstanding, papers  comprehensive  and  participants  and  speakers  open  to each other.“
Nathalie Delens, Belgium, post production supervisor,  participant 2014.