Workshop in LUXEMBOURG - 2015

“The round table was good to share different experiences of supervisors of different countries. It was probably a most rare possibility for us, as post professionals to get together and talk.”

“The workshop gave good insight to the European co-operations. It was challenging to work on the specific projects supported by help of group leaders. Valuable info was given regarding different ways how every country handles its post and what are the strengths and manners of the specific countries.” 
Uku Toomet, Estonia, post production supervisor, participant 2015.

“I am very happy I had the chance to participate in this workshop at this stage of my ccareer. I am focused on post-production, but I will produce as well. It is very important to be able to control what is happening in post-production in order to manage a project from its development to its distribution.” 
Adrien Chef, Luxemburg, post production supervisor participant 2015. 

“I may not have been the perfect participant, but EP2C2015 was the perfect workshop for me. I am very pleased to have been selected and will champion the cause in this part of the world. Thank you to all who played a part in making it happen.” 
Kate James, Malaysia, post production supervisor, participant 2015.

“Keep up the good work! I absolutely hope to cross paths with workshop participants in the future. I am sure though that the networking aspect is one of the most important ones of the workshop." 
RS, 2015, post production supervisor 

“The workshop surpassed my expectations and I am grateful for the opportunity to take part in it. I have a lot of new ideas for my project and I feel better equipped to budget and schedule my post-production more effectively with the help of the new knowledge and the inputs on my project from the moderators as well as the post-production supervisor I was paired with during the workshop.” 

“I think the workshop has helped me develop a more realistic approach to post-production planning of my project at a strategic time. I now have a better understanding of Digital workflow practices, post-production scheduling, role of a post-supervisor and working with post-supervisors, challenges of co-production in terms of workflows and budgets, use of VFX, use of archival material, music clearance and having a practical + futuristic approach to distribution deliverables. All these are crucial aspects to consider for my project and I am glad to have learned about it all at EP2C.” 
Sanjay Shah, India, producer, participant 2015.

"I feel that I have a good overview of the post workflow and different aspects that can raise problems, so I can prepare and avoid them." 
Amiel Tenenbaum, France, producer, participant 2015.

„This workshop teached me more than I could have hoped for. It was a great mixture between facts, experience of professionals, extremely interesting lectures, group work, international connections, and much more. I feel blessed that I have been selected for this workshop and look forward to using this knowledge on my future projects .“ 
Helena Vlogaert, Belgium, producer, participant 2015.

„EP2C workshop was great. Sessions were interesting and informative. Met a lot of brilliant people from other countries. The whole workshop might been one day longer.“ 
Justinas Pocius, Lithunia, producer, participant 2015.